Nothing screams urgent change is needed louder than the silence of a galgo graveyard.

In a ravine in Taracón an unmarked mass grave of galgos was found. Some galgos have already turned bones and dust, some were only recently murdered. The discovery makes painfully clear that galgueros have learnt little, and stubbornly continue their barbaric habits of killing loyal galgos once they have become redundant.

Galgos who could have been taken to a Rescue, where volunteers pour their blood, sweat and tears into their attempts to give these dogs a respectable existence for the very first time. But after a cruel life with their hunters, they meet an even more cruel death.

What has to happen before this stops?! Last March, European Parliament members have expressed their deep concern regarding Spain’s negligence in proving hunting dogs with both legal and political protection. The media has been urged to give more attention to the horrible fate hunting dogs suffer.

And now there is another mass grave in the same area as three years ago. So much suffering, so many animal lives wasted away. Lives that these elegant and kind animals can never get back. How many more need to die before their rights will be enforced? When will the government launch an awareness campaign to teach her citizens what is right and what is wrong?

It is definitely not legal, Yeray Lopez (creater of the Yo Galgo documentary) replies, but failing enforcement causes such deeds to go unpunished, especially when dogs are not chipped. But even if they are, hunters disable the chips with a pair of pliers or by crudely cutting them out of their dog’s neck with a non-sterile knife and without anesthesia, before murdering and discarding them with impunity.

‘In a country where bull fighting is the standard, animal welfare rights are non-existent. If there is no chip, the police does not even open a case. And because statistics are missing, hunters claim that dog-dumpsites do not exist,’ according to Yeray.

And so the barbaric practices continue, despite a mass grave filled with silent witnesses. The only thing that changes, is the ravine in which the hunters will dump their galgos next….

Click HERE for the video with news footage (FB).