Project Description

De Galgomutsen – Facebook

We, Lenny Burgers and Ingeborg Sinke, are real galgo fans – or, as we like to call ourselves in Dutch: galgomutsen. Ever since the first time – back in January 2015 – we worked together as volunteers at Galgos del Sol in Spain, have devoted our hearts to dogs in need. By now, we are four “galgomutsen” and once or twice a year we go to Galgos del Sol to work ourselves a sweat along with Dian Ligtendag en Cindy Sangers.

Our goal is to make the lives of dogs in the shelters, and in particular that of galgos and podencos, more comfortable and more enjoyable. We achieve this by providing blankets for every dog, plastic dog beds, food and toys. We are able to do this through goods transports, buying supplies locally or by making financial donations for the purchase of required goods. For this, we are depending on donations in the form of goods, services and money.

We are pleased to join forces with other organisations in order to attack the problem of Spanish hunting dogs together. Together we are stronger!!!

Ingeborg Sinke, one of the founders of De Galgomutsen.