Project Description

Happy dog Maspalomas

After having worked at a shelter for many years, Sylvia den Donker turned her dream into reality in 2011. She built her own rescue on a private stretch of land in the mountains near Maspalomas on Gran Canaria. Her rescue offers a safe haven to approximately 50 dogs.

After several collaborations with organisations to help her dogs find their forever home in the Netherlands and Belgium, Happy Dog Maspalomas was founded in the Netherlands as a close-

knit team.

Annemiek van Beek, chairperson of Happy Dog Maspalomas:

“HDM keeps fighting the respectless behaviour of the hunter.

Discarded, killed, hanged, starved after their immense effort to please their owner; it needs to be called to a stop.

Every dog deserves a forever home. That is what we at HDM strive to accomplish, and what we will continue to strive for.”

Happy Dog Maspalomas means one organisation and one team. From the moment a dog arrives in the rescue in Gran Canaria up to their forever home adoption in the Netherlands and Belgium, 30 volunteers work seamlessly together.