Project Description

GreyhoundFriends is a nonprofit organisation NL (ANBI) since 28 April 2009, specialised in the adoptions of galgos. The galgos come from shelters with whom GreyHoundFriends is collaborating for years, Scooby, Prodean/La Linea, BaasGalgo and Paws.

A few centuries before Christ, the Celts hunted with medium-sized, fine greyhounds. These dogs were originally white and rough-haired. The Celtic greyhounds hunted on sight, were very fast and agile and highly valued hunters. During their conquests throughout Europe, the Celts scattered these greyhounds that accompanied them everywhere. Thus came this greyhound towards the end of the 6th century BC on the Iberian Peninsula rightly so. Centuries later, when the Celts were chased away by the Romans, the Romans continued this tradition of hunting with greyhounds. This is evidenced by the ancient Roman drawings and murals, especially in Spain and Italy.

The Galgo Español in the Middle Ages In the Middle Ages, the greyhound was the status symbol for the Western aristocracy. Hunting with these dogs was a privilege, reserved only for the higher class. The common people was even forbidden to own a greyhound. Except in Spain. There, the Galgo Espanõl was the hunting tool par excellence, also for the common population. They used the galgo only for their livelihood: the galgo hunted hares, rabbits and even wild boars, the meals for the common population. In addition to hunting, coursings were later also organized, as pastime, the so-called “carreras and campo”. The rules of these Spanish coursings even have their origins in the Roman Empire. The dogs were judged on their courage, strength and hunting technique (in contrast to the greyhound, which was mainly judged on speed).

Today still the hunting dogs are used for their courage, strength and hunting technique. A galgo that is no longer needed by the hunter is dumped. Some lucky gals end up in the rescues. Our dogs come from the rescue shelters Scooby, Prodean/La Linea, BaasGalgo and Paws.

The foundation GreyhoundFriends has an active follow up on its adopted galgos.